August 31st Report

Protesters worldwide speak out against the lockdowns, mask restrictions, gov’t tyranny, mainstream media lies, internet censorship, suppression of covid treatments.

Max Igan & David Crowe talk bottom line about the fake PCR test. Triggered takeover of world political and economical systems. RNA vaccine impairs chromosome 8. PRC test a massive DNA profiling scheme.

David Icke – Covid Protest 29th August London

Urgent Information About our Future: Max Igan

Nine Doctors Speak Out | The Charlie Kirk Show

The infectious Myth: David Crowe, research biologist, fake pcr test

Germany: Riot police detain dozens at anti-COVID measures protest in Berlin

Germany: Several protesters arrested at rally against COVID measures in Berlin

Regime Ends Protests in Berlin by Force

Berlin’s anti-COVID19 lockdown protest draws 40,000: Judge orders German police to back off!

Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 aug 2020

LIVE Protest In Ottawa (@1:19:00, excellent speaker)

Parliament Hill Protest: Demonstrators demand mask choice, end to lockdowns

(Full London coverage)
backlash against London cops @2:19:00, Dolores Cahill @ 10:00, David Icke @ 1:00:00
‘Unite for Freedom’ protest in London [STREAMED LIVE]

SHOCKING COVID LOCKDOWNS IN IRELAND – with DJ Spiral on Covid protests in Dublin, Ireland

Switzerland: Protesters against COVID measures flood Zurich

Reporting On The Live March In Quebec City

France: Hundreds join anti-facemask protest in Paris

Agenda 21

The Social Media Police
(Think twice about posting on FB in Australia. How long before this is the ‘new normal’?)

It’s just a mask

The Mask Slips

World Rising Up Against the Lockdowns As Protests Mount – #NewWorldNextWeek

Trust in News Media Continues to Plummet – #NewWorldNextWeek

“Their Next Step” (Is this our world in 2025?)

Police State Australia (Banned by Youtube)

David Icke – Fake Tests, Fake Cases, Fake Numbers, FAKE VIRUS

Lockdown Protests – The Great Awakening WorldWide! Fighting For Freedom! (Huge Compilation May 2020)

Hundreds protest mandatory flu vaccines for students in Boston

Anti-government protests grow in Bangkok

COVID restrictions to Charter freedoms appear to be permanent

Tucker: When do we get America back?

“This is Not a Mask.” No, it’s Worse Than That | Carl Vernon

School Puts Pupils in an Isolation SHED! | Carl Vernon

At the London Protest 29th August 2020 | Carl Vernon

The Max Bernier Show – Ep. 38 : Rocco Galati on suing the Canadian gov’t for their covid measures

Trudeau announces Canada has secured 2 new deals for possible COVID-19 vaccines

Trudeau progrogues parliament until Sep 23 to deliver ‘green reset’ throne speech (aka NWO ‘Great Reset’ Agenda 21)

Chrystia Freeland’s history with George Soros

Carney-Freeland ‘Green-reset’ shapes Canada new normal

Australia: Potential coronavirus treatments are being ‘patronisingly dismissed’

Common law assemblies

David Crowe: Is the virus TEST valid?

15 Pre-Election Predictions

Brampton bans journalism AGAIN: Who called the police?–LYp0aXUnE

Trudeau hiring 24/7 nursing staff for Roxham Road’s illegal border crossing

Birds Massively Attack Cell Tower Before Dropping Dead – Freaky Footage!

The second wave – The planned 60GHz millimeter wave attack in schools

Only Sociopaths Reject the New Normal! – #PropagandaWatch

Berlin Bans Anti-Establishment Demonstration

German Government Introduces Fines and Restrictive Measures Based on Absolutely Nothing

Rockefeller Anti-Fertility Vaccines Exposed

The msm snake trail