October 4rth Report

Mainstream media lies and deception continue. Politicians, bureaucrats, ministers worldwide continue to spin the same health terror & lockdown narratives. People pushing back worldwide, refusing to follow edicts not grounded in science. Cashless society, QFS slave digital currency in the works. World Economic Forum Agenda 21 becoming ever more obvious and ever more sinister.

The takeaway I get from this: let’s look to alternate news sources,,,,, let’s speak our truths and stand up for our rights!

Denmark heads to pre covid normality. No masks or distancing in schools, just common sense

#YahooNation defies Doug Ford’s restrictions — possibly Canada’s largest anti-lockdown protest yet

And so were they led into slavery and the people loved their servitude

London Police Slam Woman to the Ground During Anti-Lockdown Protest in Trafalgar Square

COVID-19 The greatest show on earth

Stop lying to us. Covid cases do not mean covid deaths – we need science-based polices now!

We Are Being Lied To! Here Is How…

Dr. Carrie Madej with Dr. Andrew Kaufman on vaccines, hydrogel, and secret government programs

Vernon Coleman: Why I Believe Politicians and Advisors Will Go to Prison

Revealed: How the BBC is Deliberately Suppressing the Truth

Don’t Make Us Do Terrible Things To You, Canadian Gov’t Leader Says

Maryland Goes All Gestapo

Sydney police ARREST father of six for exercising outdoors — Help us fight back!

British Army on Birmingham (UK) streets door to door tests?

War on Sensemaking V, Daniel Schmachtenberger

This is a Spiritual Battle

Covid Trance: How The Irish Were Hypnotised by the Media (With John Anthony)

Paul Weston – This One Covid Lie Will Bring Down The British Government

Discussing our lost basic rights with the Victorian Police

No Thanksgiving or Black Friday Shopping This Year

They’re So Desperate – Now They Have To Bribe Us With Amazon Vouchers To Get Tested


Covid-19: Who Fact-Checks the Fact-Checkers?

New World Order

Sunrise exposed : globalist agenda

The official covid narrative is falling to pieces

Interview with Patrick Wood – Technocracy: The hard road to world order

Globalists using covid to rollout total medical tyranny

Interview: James Corbett on the future of humanity

Who cares what celebrities think – #PROPAGANDAWATCH

Episode 385 – A Message to New “Conspiracy Theorists”

Who cares what celebrities think – #PROPAGANDAWATCH

Canadian Military ordered 36k units of tear gas & are setting up isolation camps for spring of 2021

Chinese Virologist Reveals Coronavirus Cover Up by CCP – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Former Black Lives Matter, Chaziel Sunz exposes democrats, antifa, George Soros Hillary Clinton 2020

October 4 – World Economic Forum Admits It’s Plan, Pentagon Insider and The PowerShift for Freedom

Crimes against Humanity

ZERO! Yes, That’s ZERO! Sweden Update | Carl Vernon

Meet the most censored media company in Canada — no, it’s not Rebel News

Quebec and United Kingdom slip further into lockdown madness — service industry hit hardest

Things Just Got WAAAAY Worse in New York and IN THE WORLD!

THIS is Why We’re in the Mess We’re In | Carl Vernon

STOP PROJECT FEAR! Desmond Swayne MP | Carl Vernon

“Selfish” Anti-Lockdown London | Carl Vernon

Anti-Lockdown London September 26th | Carl Vernon

Coppers Told NOT To Download Test & Trace App “Security Reasons”

David Icke – Fake tests, fake cases, fake numbers, fake virus

Covid 19 PCR tests are scientifically meaningless

The fake covid vaccine

Presidential candidates using New Technology During The Presidential Debate?

More Bill Gates secrets exposed #CANCELBILLGATES

Gates admits 700k people may die from his vaccine

Americans BETTER Pay Attention to What Happened Today!

Keith Thompson – Exposing the Satanic Empire

Trafalgar square, London, “We do not consent” Protests footage – 26th Sept 2020

Revealed: How the BBC is Deliberately Suppressing the Truth

David Icke talks to Alex Jones about the London protest and riot police response

London Protest – A Call to Journalists 26th Sept 2020

Covid-19 A Quantifiable fraud and a crime against humanity

Should you take the COVID19 Test?

Contagion Myth & Unconventional Ways To Treat Viruses

Australia remove underwear to force vaccination

Homeless man FINED in Melbourne for ‘breaching curfew’ by living in his car

“I Am Exempt”: Handing out exemption buttons at anti-lockdown protest in Toronto with David Menzies

DAILY | Flag-raising outcry, Help Jeremia update, Quebec radio censorship

Charges DROPPED against Alberta teen farmer after police brutality video goes viral

Angry Canadian Oct 3, 2020 – Covid numbers are 2 weeks old, Sophie and Justin NOT a Love story

Hot Mic…PA Gov Wolf and Rep Ullman caught saying masks for political theater Sept 28 2020

Meet the most censored media company in Canada — no, it’s not Rebel News

Why Everybody Loves Leaf Blowers

First Debate Cold Open – SNL

(If youtube blocks the video in your country, download and install the free Opera browser, set VPN to ‘ON’ in the system settings, then you’ll likely be able to watch it)

It’s BACK! And Just in Time! | Carl Vernon

Trump Tests Positive! | Carl Vernon

Bloodied heads in the UK amid coronavirus restriction protests in Europe

Rebel News: Ford deflects from his responsibility over Chinese flag-raising event | MPP Randy Hillier with David Menzies

China is building Belt and Road facilities in BC, Nunavut — despite Canada not signing initiative

“End the Chinese Communist Party” | Protesters rally in Vancouver to oppose CCP influence in Canada

Politicians are opening up to Rebel News; Catherine McKenna remains a cry-bully

Auditors called in to review mismanagement at Public Health Agency of Canada

BLM and Communist China: CCP front group partners with Black Futures Lab Project