December 19th Report

Vaccine side effects already plaguing those taking the jab. Corrupt health ministers & politicians continue to be caught out. Heavy-handed police arrests. Lockdowns amping up every day.

Strange Times Ahead – Prepare Yourself Now | The Crowhouse

Max Igan – “2020 was the Beta Test“ + What to expect in 2021? | The Crowhouse

London Lockdown Protest 19th December, Police Getting Heavy Handed _ Hugo Talks

Multiple Arrests – Freedom March, London

“The Government are the Criminals!”: Police Clash With Anti-lockdown Protesters in London

Dissidents in The Age of Vaccines | Amazing Polly

Covid 19 Is VERY Dangerous And This Is Why | Think About It

Caught hot mic moment: Ontario’s chief medical officers Dr. Yafee and Dr. Williams

Canadian freedom fighter takes a stand, Mark is well known and looked up to in Canada

David Knight – Lies and Liability for taking the NWO TRUMP vaccine!


Woman Faints 15 Minutes After Getting the Coronavirus Vaccine

Nurse Thrown Out By Murrieta For Telling The Truth About Vaccines

The Great Reset – It’s Not Just Economics It’s You | The Crowhouse

New World Next Year 20 | Corbett Report

URGENT News about the Covid-19 Vaccine | Dr Vernon Coleman

Here’s What Will Happen Next… | Dr Vernon Coleman

No Other Way to Put It! What They Say About our Kids is SICK!! | HighImpactFlix

ALARMING! Saint Fauci Tells Kids He & Big Pharma Took Care of Santa Claus | HighImpactFlix

Jeff Wyatt Birmingham Freedom Rally 5th Dec 2020

Covid-19 Fight the Lie | The Crowhouse

THE MOST IMPORTANT Video on Earth Right Now | HighImpactFlix

Chicago Halts Vaccine Rollout, Hancock Wants Lockdown Forever, And Trump Condemns UK Lockdown

⁣WHO finally admits PCR test does not work! But WHY?

Let’s PRETEND With Matt Hancock / Hugo Talks #lockdown #london

Germany: Around 800 anti-lockdown protesters hold silent march through Berlin

France: “Yellow Vests” hold colourful umbrellas in protest near Council of State in Paris

UK: Chaotic scenes at London Heathrow as several countries ban UK flights

How To Raise Weak Children During Lockdowns | JP Spears

Now There is No Doubt | Carl Vernon

PUNISH THE DIRTY UNVAXXED | Social Experimentalist

Manchester Police chief QUITs after revelation that 80,000 crimes went unreported

2 Months In JAIL For Not Wearing Mask ‘Properly’ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

Trudeau Government SUED FOR “DRACONIAN AND UNJUSTIFIABLE” RESPONSE TO COVID-19 with Rocco Galati | PressForTruth

Police in Calgary, Alberta, Canada arrest a man for skating on an outdoor rink

Are you fed up with repetitive mask messages? How do we fight the system?

Deeper Lockdown Attempted In The UK, But Freedom Of Speech Prevails?

No social distancing no mask it’s okay for them! BRISTOL UK

Armed Police Arrested Me | UK

Why Genetic Engineering Must Stop Now | Dr. Vernon Coleman

Death After Vaccination? It’s Just A COINCIDENCE!!! | Walking the Future

Coronahoax Updates and Population Engineering

How presidents are controlled
(former Merrill Lynch CEO Don Regan tells Ronald Reagan to speed it up)
@1:40 How to control a president, Michael Moore
Remembering the Real Ronald Reagan, from ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’

Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton’s emails, McCains being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs HIV letter, PedoPodesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO pandemic.

EX-RUSSIAN INTEL OFFICER: Depopulation agenda is real

Bill Gates Says Lockdowns to Continue to 2022 | Computing Forever

Psychological Illusionist Derren Brown Test The Audience With Social Experiment | Megyn Kelly TODAY

A global REVOLUTION will DESTROY the enemies of humanity

The Alarmingly Blind Trust In Vaccines/Health Authorities, Understanding MRNA & Jail For No Mask | The Last American Vagabond

Coronahoax Updates and Population Engineering

Ice Age Farmer from the Heart: Trust the PLANT – Solutions

Robert F Kennedy ‘This is pharmaceutical-driven agenda that will enslave the Human Race’

They’re Up to 75 to 80% Now?? Expect a FORCED 100%!! | HighImpactFlix

We Simply CAN NOT TRUST The Covid-19(84) Vaccine! Here’s Why… | PressForTruth


Media Blackout: Moderna’s FDA Report Lists 13 Total Deaths, 6 In The Vaccine Group 7 In The Placebo | Spiro

Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated: The Study The CDC Refused To Do — Interview with Dr. Weiler | Spiro

Jamacia Everything IRIE man We Will WAIT! Make Them Western Worlds RUSH AHEAD

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Power grid attack, false flag. Solutions: Physical Media | Corbett Report

NEW WORLD RESET: Hidden History of the Lost Architecture of the United States & Canada

Paris December 12

Coronavirus: Anti-lockdown protesters march in central London

Parliament Square rebellion! MAJOR police op for anti vaccination protest.

Austria PROTEST This is Something Else SHEEP MODE

Government rules during lockdown 2020


Check Out What Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis Calls the First Va2x Recipient | HighImpactFlix

Dr. Paul Thomas Targeted By Medical Board & Media After Landmark Vaccine Study – Interview | Spiro


Episode-260-Amazon’s Latest CIA Device “Halo Band” | Walking the Future

Crowd Psychology: Conformity, Obedience, Hypnosis & Suggestibility: A Case Study

Alex Jones Fires “TRUTHER” David Knight for calling out Trump’s NWO vaccine!

Clinton’s leaked emails:

Media Coordination: This is How It’s Done | Computing Forever

At The Cross Roads of History with Daniel Estulin


Chinese pilots training at former Canadian military base in Alberta | Rebel News

Protesters brave bitterly cold weather to shine a light on FREEDOM | Rebel News

Mall security FORCEFULLY eject woman with PTSD for not wearing a mask — despite exemption | Rebel News

Mall cops jump Canadian Army Reservist for COVID food court “belligerence” | Rebel News

Operation Warp Speed’s General Perna Actually Said This | HighImpactFlix

Canadian freedom fighter takes a stand, Mark is well known and looked up to in Canada

Crowded movie sets ALLOWED, small esthetician SHUT in Canmore, Alberta | Rebel News

LOCKDOWN: Another Toronto institution shuts its doors permanently | Rebel News

Police spend HOURS watching boutique shop after reopening in defiance of lockdown | Rebel News

Sex Trafficking + Politics | Sacha Stone, Leigh Dundas, Imani Mamalution

Election Corruption | Patrick Byrne

They Just Don’t Stop, Do They? | HighImpactFlix

Houston Stands Up to Mandatory Vaccines and Lockdowns | The Conscious Resistance Network

HEADS-UP: “Glitches” Begin to Surface in Pfizer Roll-Out | Headlines with a voice

Fast Times in A Clockwork Orange World | Exposing Corruption

Flu Shot Warning! Watch This Before Getting One!

Ontario Ministry of Health still has NO ANSWERS to tough COVID questions | Rebel News

CBC LIES! Trudeau’s Chinese Soldiers Story (As Presented by the State Broadcaster) | Rebel News

What Does The Sheep Say? – Sheree Geo

Something Isn’t Right Here

Military Parade by Chinese People’s Liberation Army in New Zealand – 2019

Zuckerberg and the ‘dark dollars’ that tilted November 3rd election

Cavestream #3 Mark Friesen joins us to discuss Sustainable Development.

Mentored by Moloch: What Goes on in Schools? (A MARK’S ANGELS collab featuring Ramon Bowman)

The Power of Complaint. Tim Horton’s Result!

Crowded movie sets ALLOWED, small esthetician SHUT in Canmore, Alberta | Rebel News

Be different, “quit lying”: Axe Monkeys Indoor Throwing challenges Alberta premier to Reopen | Rebel News

Lockdowns push Greece towards another financial crisis