October 11th Report

Disturbing escalations of lockdowns and health restrictions around the world. Strange reversal of WHOs stance on lockdowns? yet strange clamping down on masks, social distancing in Canada, UK and other countries. Canada fema camps discussion shut down in Queens Park. Corrupt mainstream media promoting fake corona narrative worldwide. Carl Vernon quote: ‘Clown Planet’.

A Day In the Life of a COVID MARSHALL

Oct 10th-WARNING: Most Important Episode to Watch – But There’s Still Hope

THE MOST IMPORTANT Video on Earth Right Now

‘The Great Reset’: World leaders to harness COVID and pursue ‘sinister’ climate agenda

Covid-19 The Phantom Menace

Connecting the Dots: The Great Reset & The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Great Reset and The Man Behind the Curtain

WHAT?? W.H.O Calls for LOCKDOWNS to END???

World Health Organisation has ‘reversed its position on lockdowns’

October 7th – UN Agenda Soldiers Moved In To Quebec – This is BAD for Canada with Carl Edward Fleury

Randy Hillier, What’s Going On With The Isolation Camps in Ontario? Question is quashed in Queen’s Park

Canadian Military ordered 36k units of tear gas & are setting up isolation camps for spring of 2021

Denmark heads to pre covid normality. No masks or distancing in schools just common sense

Still Silent on Sweden | Carl Vernon

Con-vid passport tech roll out in airports this week

THE CONTINUING SAGA OF COVID-19 (and the wonderful world of the modern public school)

The Scamdemic is falling apart at the seams

Dr. Carrie Madej: hydrogel, vaccines, Tech watch, Trump unmasked, what does it mean?

Lockdown is creating a lost generation, 40% of young people say it is impossible to succeed

Dr. Vernon Coleman: Debunking the Biggest Lies They Tell

British Army on Birmingham (UK) streets door to door tests?

Obey Gov. Newsom! Don’t Question Him “KEEP YOUR MASK ON IN BETWEEN BITES”

Wtf! Deep brain biopsy during Trump’s con-vid test announcement

People That Wear a Mask in Their Car

Resist chatting to police! (haha)

If the Pandemic Thinking Was Applied To Everything

Mask people

COVID Criminals Accused of Crimes Against Humanity – #NewWorldNextWeek

James Corbett breaks down the Great Reset

This is a Spiritual Battle

‘It’s global dictatorship’ | 2,000 protesters denounce govt COVID measures at Rome rally

Poland: Hundreds of COVID sceptics rally against new restrictions in Warsaw

Germany: Hundreds of COVID sceptics protest new restrictions in Berlin

Crimes against Humanity

Medical doctors and lawyers allied against global malfeasance: in conversation with Heiko Schöning

Angry Canadian Oct. 8, 2020 – Not “Build Back (Better) – We Cry “Take Back” Let not FEAR guide you

ALERT – DisArming America – Mind Control – Tesla & More with Deborah Tavares MIRROR

Canada facing extreme corruption and oppression

CANZUK’s New Police Force Is Coming Here

No Test No Travel Update | Carl Vernon

The Average Age? | Carl Vernon

What is This?? Inventions Get Crazier 🤪 | Carl Vernon

Dublin 2020

Spain: Vehicles queue to leave Madrid after state of emergency declared

Indonesia erupts in protests for third day over controversial labour laws | ABC News

LEAKED EMAILS Reveal NO Lockdown For Wealthy Areas 💰 | Carl Vernon

When was the last time you took a break from the BS? | Carl Vernon

Florida – No Mask = No Spike

MORE Restrictions. What Next? | The Carl Vernon Show #12

Angry Canadian Oct 9 2020 Take 2 – Are Lockdowns a large mistake? Job losses, economy destroyed..

Neurohackers Advice on What We Must Do to Stop the End of Civilization | Daniel Schmachtenberger

Trudeau is failing to show strength against China | Spencer Fernando with Ezra Levant

UK: Coronavirus sceptics march through London to denounce restrictions

Anyone critical of COVID measures is ‘accused of being a granny-killer’

The Man Hunting Satanic Cults | Wilfred Wong | KONCRETE Podcast #69

Deep Inside the Satanic Cabal, World Agenda, Leadership Structure, Rituals w/ Jessie Czebotar 2of3