November 7th Report

An American coup d’etat & $10 million if you can prove covid19 is real

Dr Thomas Cowan – How the COVID RT-PCR test is vulnerable to abuse_HIGH

Dr. Randy Wysong | Have you been c19 brainwashed?

Covid testing fraud uncovered | Del Bigtree

Dr Carie Madej | The deadly Covid vaccine–301158938.html

Breaking news, we get to turn into GMO tomatoes before year end

Dr Vernon Coleman | What is Covid-19 for?

Dr Andrew Kaufman dispels c19 myths and exposes pcr test fraud

David Icke | People Are Starting To See Through This Hoax

The final battle for human freedom is beginning – You now have two choices

Massive protests underway in Leipzig, Germany opposing the new Covid 19 lockdown

Police Build Up Tension at Anti-Lockdown Gathering

Veteran shoved to the floor by police + illegal arrests at Hyde Park

UK: Scuffles erupt at anti-lockdown protest in Liverpool

Germany: Thousands join Querdenken rally against COVID restrictions in Leipzig

Spain: Streets on fire as protest against COVID-19 restrictions hits Barcelona

Roma, nuovi incidenti con la polizia alla manifestazione delle mascherine tricolore

Covid, scontri con la polizia al sit in di protesta contro il Dpcm: cariche a Campo de’ Fiori

Firenze, il funzionario agli agenti: “ho detto indietro, chi comanda qui?”

Mass Arrests Oxford Street London

‘this was the sort of thing that finally broke people’ | Manchester student to RT UK

UK: University of Manchester students tear down COVID lockdown fences

Pulmonary specialist speaks out on the health risks of wearing masks & the lies surrounding covid-19

CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths

Covid 1984: Nurse quits job and exposes truth about covid lie

Man Reporting From A Covid Test Center Wexford town. NO ONE THERE.

Nurse speaks out empty beds and no BS-19 cases in Devon Hospitals UK

Let’s Review Day 2 Of Lockdown Insanity

Agenda 2030 & the slave world order

Klaus Schwab and the not so great reset (satire)

Masks are destroying your brain and it’s worse for kids – German neurologist | David Icke

Dr. Lee Merritt speaking on masks, lockdown

Masks: The science with Dr. Lee Merritt

Protesters rally in London against lockdown measures

Police trap & bash lockdown protestors in Melbourne

Greece: Police and protesters clash at anti-lockdown rally in Thessaloniki

LIVE: Anti-COVID restrictions protesters take to streets in Leipzig

Crowds Gather In Liverpool #lockdown #UK

2000 Army Deployed @ LIVERPOOL To Test EVERY Single Person

Mass-testing begins in Liverpool! But will it work?

Coronavirus: Slovakia starts testing entire population after surge in COVID-19 cases

West Yorks police handcuff a single mum for criticizing lockdown. Help her fight back…

Protesters rally outside BC Ministry of Health opposing increased covid restrictions

There’s a whole lot of malarkey going on with election results | Ezra Levant

Manitoba’s secret covid-19 camp: What’s going on here?

Hospitals and Test Center’s Empty — COVID 19 Movie Madness!!

AlphaGo – The Movie | Full Documentary

In the age of AI (full film) | Frontline

Elon Musk: the 2020 Mars project

This is how elites makes storms and hurricanes

CDC covid camps

The Gaelic Gulag Archipelago (Ireland)(MIRROR FROM THOMAS SHERIDAN) #KONTROL19

JP Sears | Biden Won! Here’s What You Need To Know

Denis Raincourt | Covid-1984 in 2021 with Biden? Or Covid-1984 in 2021 with Trump?

America stands at a crossroads | Computing Forever

American Psychosis – Chris Hedges on the US empire of narcissism and psychopathy

Pedo-Joe & the push for civil unrest

The tar baby of the post election false narrative | Amazing Polly

Police allow climate protest after attacking freedom rally in Melbourne

Trump’s legal team immediately responds after race is called for Biden

Is a European lockdown coming to America? | Del Bigtree

Fraud: ‘Infected’ mink strewn in streets as Denmark plans to kill pets

G. Edward Griffin & Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies expose censorship

Canada’s mask mandate changes (again): paper towels can stop the virus

Europe escalates as new lockdowns begin

SocialExperimenter | Is it illegal to do nothing in public?

David Icke speech to anti-lockdown freedom rally in Birmingham

David Icke talks to Singaporean media

Canadian military fake wolves fear campaign exposed. But you won’t believe what they are doing next!

Nov 6th – How to prove to your friends lockdown is actually Agenda 2030

“Totalitarian state!” Desmond Swayne condemns ban on singing in public

Rosa Koire, Behind The Green Mask, UN Agenda 21, :25:12 part 2 of 4

UK Hiring covid cops to spy, snitch on rule breakers

Injecting kids without consent

Rebel News | Struggling gym owner FINED nearly $2,000 for reopening to save his business

Many parties this weekend before the lockdown in Germany

Yucca Plant Tests POSITIVE | Alex Belfield

Thousands Gather In Birmingham UK, Trafalgar Square London #lockdown

Tesco Has Gone Nuts | Carl Vernon

All covid commercials are the same

I Had to Give Bad News | Carl Vernon

Here’s Why You Should Be Sceptical About 4-Weeks | Carl Vernon

Spain: Protest against COVID-19 restrictions ends with riots and looting in Logrono

The Rich Are Leaving. Private Jet Bookings SOAR | Carl Vernon

Boris CLOSES Pubs. OPENS McDonalds & AMAZON = Make EVEN More $ Millions

How to Thrive in the Battle of Life

The Transmutation of humanity

Shocking. The real covid numbers exposed – this is the biggest scam in history!

Dr. Steve Piezcenik: Fauci has to go to jail for treason

Will there be a third world war? Wars and rumors of wars!

Brainwash U – media mind control over the decades

Covid Officers Granted Powers To Spy On Rule Breakers!

Australia: cops for covid truth!

Covid doesn’t exist!

The Covid Test Is The Vaccine?

Covid-19 bioelectric implants considered a ‘therapeutic’ & mask mandates continue after vaccine