Check out these Academy of Ideas short vids. Very thought provoking…

Also check out the revisionist history links at the end (eye opening!)

Fear and Social Control

Gustave Le Bon: The Nature of Crowds

MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

The Addict in Us All: How Smartphones are Creating a Population of Addicts

Do We Live in a Sick Society?

How to Be Free in an Unfree World

Why Public Schools and the Mainstream Media Dumb Us Down

The Psychology of the Anti-Hero

Democracy and the Road to Tyranny

What is Brainwashing?

Introduction to Propaganda

Edward Bernays and Group Psychology: Manipulating the Masses

The Psychology of Obedience and The Virtue of Disobedience

The Psychology of Conformity

Public Schools, the Fixation of Belief, and Social Control

How to Integrate Your Shadow – The Dark Side is Unrealized Potential

Carl Jung – What are the Archetypes?

Joseph Campbell and the Myth of the Hero’s Journey

How to Overcome the Downward Pull of Other People

Solitude and Self-Realization: Why You Should Spend More Time Alone

Social Media and The Psychology of Loneliness

Why You Should Strive for a Meaningful Life, Not a Happy One

The Problem of Anger – How to Use the Power of Your Dark Side

The Psychology of Self-Deception

The Psychology of Self-Transformation

Why Passivity Breeds Mediocrity and Mental Illness

The Nature of Creativity and The Courage to Create

The Psychology of Solitude

Aldous Huxley and Brave New World: The Dark Side of Pleasure

Nietzsche and Morality: The Higher Man and The Herd

The School of Anxiety is The School of Greatness

Modern Art and the Decline of Civilization

The Psychology of Authenticity

The Psychology of Envy and Social Justice

Carl Jung and the Psychology of the Man-Child

The Benefits of Reading Great Books

The Individual vs. Tyranny

Freedom vs Force – The individual and the state

Nietzsche and Psychology: How To Become Who You Are

George Orwell and 1984: How Freedom Dies

The psychology of self sabotage and resistance


The following vids also give a historical perspective on the underlying power structure of nations and the many psyops we have been subjected to:

Fall of Civilizations

Debunking A Century of War Lies | Corbett Report

The WWI Conspiracy | Corbett Report

Usury: The Root Cause of all Problems on the Planet – Debt Slavery – Central Banks, Wars, Assassinations

Complete List Of BANKS Owned/Controlled By The Rothschild Family

History Of The Jews In Russia Part 1-3

In The Name Of Zion (Full Documentary)

EUROPA – The Last Battle ~ The Full Documentary (2017)

The Bad War The Truth NEVER Taught About World War II | M. S. King

One Third Holocaust Episodes

Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told

Counterarguments against the theory that Hitler ‘threw’ the war

The Battle of France | Miles Mathis

How Jews took over China and created Chinese Communism

Holocaust Testimonies you didn’t see in Hollywood

David Cole in Auschwitz Full Documentary

Protocols of Zion, & historical background

Freemasonry unmasked

Holocaust Deprogramming Course

History of the Jews in Russia and Poland, from the earliest times until the present day (1860-1941) | Simon Dubnow