October 17th Report

Some well-researched documentaries help shed light on the underlying power structure & events in the world today:

Why big oil conquered the world

How big oil conquered the world

Century of Enslavement: History of the federal reserve

Zeitgeist: Addendum

China gives away free digital $. The Biggest Central Bank Power Grab in History

It’s all about control

Your guide to the great reset

The UN and Central Banks: A Rockefeller and Rothschild coup

Connecting the Dots: The Great Reset & The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Documentary: Globalist world wide takeover planned for decades – covid is just the beginning

Prague 18.10.2020 / Protests over responses to the COVID-19 pandemic

Prague skirmish | Protest against COVID rules escalates into clashes

Czech Republic: Violent clashes erupt between police and sports fans protesting COVID measures

“What if you live alone?” Wales puts entire country on two weeks solitary confinement

Victorian Police state wont allow Barber Shop and Salon to Open

Footage From Sweden 🇸🇪 Count the 😷 | Carl Vernon

Quebec cop who resigned after criticizing pandemic rules speaks out at Toronto March for Freedom

Dundas Square Protest

Thousands hit the streets at Toronto March for Freedom in protest of renewed lockdown measures

Oct 17 Vancouver Freedom Rally Part 2 Marching!!!

Oct 17 Vancouver Freedom Rally Part 3 Speeches

Oct 17 – Vancouver Freedom Rally Part 4

LIVE: Coronavirus sceptics march through London to denounce restrictions

Live from Soho as London prepares to tighten COVID-19 restrictions

Covid Marshall Enforces Rules

Silenced and censored the mainstream is shutting Australians down

How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health – A Corbett Report – Full 4 Parts

Who controls the Gates Family?

Bill and Melinda’s Eugenics’ dream

Bill Gates & CNN prep public for end of 2021 “new normal” reset

UNFILTERED: Anti-lockdown activist charged for breaking Quarantine Act tells his side of the story

Thermal imaging in grocery stores is here | Toronto Galleria Supermarket is profiling shoppers

Rebel News: “Liberal Party insider leak” making rounds online demonstrates lack of trust in institutions

Oct 10th-WARNING: Most Important Episode to Watch – But There’s Still Hope

The Great Reset moves into the next phase

The Dangerous War THEY ARE HIDING From You | Lines Are drawn

You Need to See This–XzJHAcxU

Chinese Virologist Who Claimed Covid Lab Made Releases Second Paper

The same ‘petty COVID dictators’ will use lockdowns to fight ‘so-called climate crisis’

Newt Geningrich yanked from Fox for mentioning George Soros

Alberta set to Repeal Bill 10, giving back their temporary covid-19 powers

Cops clash with drinkers in London before capital is plunged into Tier 2 coronavirus lockdown

It’s Going to Be a Rough Winter 🙄 | Carl Vernon

What will happen in 2025? (part 1)

The Fact-Free COVID Dystopia | Thomas E. Woods. Jr.

Are lockdowns the ‘sleeper’ issue of 2020? Ingraham weighs in

German state trying to silence “anti-Greta” for challenging climate change propaganda

Deciphering the Lizard Talk 101

Cops clash with drinkers in London before capital is plunged into Tier 2 coronavirus lockdown

Cyclist pulled over and interrogated by security guard while exercising in Melbourne

Here We Go! Mandatory Flu Va..x…x FOR ALL on California Campus by Nov 1st

WTF?! “To Aid LETHALITY???” So They’re NOT Just “Phone Towers”

ALERT! You Thought They Were Your Friends….but…

Proof UN is driving migration…Rothchild, Rockefeller funded

Anti-lockdown protest in Toronto: Religious groups, politicians and anti-maskers march through city

Cops clash with drinkers in London before capital is plunged into Tier 2 coronavirus lockdown

Successful Covid Doctor SILENCED by Federal Trade Commission

Oct 15th – The War Between Truth and World Changing Corruption Escalates

UK Gov’t confirms Covid19 harmless to VAST MAJORITY of people

TWO METERS officer!

Trolling a troll

Computing forever: Justin Barrett’s speech at Let Ireland Live Protest

China has picked Biden for President | Gordon Chang with Ezra Levant

Germany’s China Problem

NEW: 95% 🇬🇧 Can’t Stand @BBC ⚠️ Ex-Boss Confirms They’re Doomed

Liverpool 👉 The New Melbourne? Did You Get the Green Light?🚦| Carl Vernon

50,000 🤔 Today? | Carl Vernon

BANNED: Here’s what Ontario bureaucrats don’t want on your vanity license plate

BREAKING: Police threaten shop in Melbourne with MASSIVE fine for defying lockdown

Update from Melbourne

BREAKING: Lockdown protesters take Chief Health Officer to Supreme Court (Please help!)

New Gov’t lockdown proposals are “serial incompetence” says mayors of 3 major cities

Belarus: Violent crackdown on anti-Lukashenko protesters in Minsk | DW News

France declares a state of emergency